In a few words: I'm just a midwestern boy with a love for creating. From a young age, I have been fascinated with the ability of games and media of all kinds to transport us to worlds far beyond our own. As a child without any technical experience, I would spend my days building vast cities and landscapes from building blocks and populating them with small figurines, playing out their imaginary adventures all day long.

Eventually, my appetite for world-building grew insatiable, far beyond the limitations of the physical world--so I delved into the digital. At the age of 13 I finished my first full game title with the help of RPG Maker. I have since spent hundreds of hours with the program in the years that followed, returning every now and then to old projects or creating new. It was over the course of these transformative years that I truly fell in love with Game Design.

During my time at UW-Madison, studying Computer Science, I fully realized the potential to make a career out of my passion. In my four years, I have made several creative projects (mainly games, both digital and analog) that incorporate the artistic talents I have fostered along with the technical. I now have the tools and the talent to bring my own original artwork, story, and music into my projects, resulting in a truly unique and holistic experience. Hybridizing these two vastly different spheres of expertise has been my greatest motivating factor in my work, and I believe it is also my greatest asset.