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Side Projects - Art

Current Project - Black Dream: a dark and dreamy trip through a mysterious labyrinth. Modeled and rendered in Maya, complete with original soundtrack. 

Here is a sandbox; a small sampling of the creative and/or digital work I've done in the past that doesn't really belong in a video game portfolio. I'll be continually uploading projects here so enjoy! 

Colorful Caterpillar: a simple, interactive drawing widget

Modeling (Maya)

Aside from my abstract 3D artwork, I also have experience modeling everyday objects, designing custom shaders in order to create lifelike textures for my models. The samples below are taken from my bank of projects completed during the course of my 3D Digital Studio Art class, with timelines ranging from one day (Image 1) to several weeks (Image 2). 

Miscellaneous Digital Art

*More Content Coming Soon*